Boeing 5K (9) – 2004

September 13, 2004

Another Boeing 5K.  The course feels so much easier after doing a 10K Obstacle Course on sand the previous day.  Not only did I finish under 21 minutes, but I was in the top 10 overall finishers.

Today also had a certain significance.  My friend Steve Cantril and I had been staging our own Hash House Harrier runs on Mondays when we didn’t want to drive too far north for the Los Angeles Hash runs.  These runs were not planned, but rather people brought their own food and beer and the hares’ names were drawn out of a hat (known as a “pick-up”).

I posted a very humorous listing for our runs, saying that the run and beer would be better than LA (because we would bring our own beer and be setting the trail live (at that time, it would be “prelaid” in advance)).  I signed the listing as “Assistant Trailmeister, Assistant Beermeister, and Smokemeister.”  This is silly, because a pick-up run has no Trailmeister (unplanned run), no Beermeister (everyone brings their own beer), or Smokemeister (my own term for Steve, who smokes cigarettes).

The posting annoyed the LA Beermeister, who deemed us (and anyone who came to our trail) “Banned” from LA Hash.  For the record, we had about 20 people… though 20 people that wouldn’t have driven up to LA Hash, either.

We ended up naming our run as the “Banned From LA, Long Beach Pick Up Hash,” or the B.F.L.A.L.B.P.U.H. (pronounced “Bufflapubuh”).  Eventually, this became the Signal Hill Hash.


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