Great American Adventure Run 2.8M/4.8M – 2005

February 12, 2005

The weather continues to be pretty wet, and wet makes for difficult cross-country running.  At this point in my running career, however, I have lots of experience in muddy trail running, especially a couple of Way Too Cools, where I have practically skied on mud.

There are a couple of trouble spots today.  I would define a trouble spot as a deep puddle with mud underneath.  If I step into a puddle, I often feel that it should be a better surface than the slippery muddy area around it.  This is not always the case.  Twice today, I step into a trouble spot and almost lose my shoe.

My inherent advantage is that I ALWAYS double-knot my shoelaces.  I know from walking around that your shoelaces can undo themselves without too much doing on your part.  Too much shaking around, too much whatever.  Double-knotted shoes do not come untied.  Double-knotted shoes also tend to hold your feet in the shoes.  In a shoe-sucking puddle, your foot really wants to exit the shoe and leave said shoe stuck in the mud.  Mine ALMOST came off anyway!

The first loop was  22:40 (a slower result than normal), and the second loop was 40:54 (also pretty slow).  There are fewer runners than usual because of the weather and muddy surface, so I get a tile in both races, but no Adventure tile (combined time result) because the folks that like to run both races will come out and run no matter the weather.


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