Hillsea 7.57M – 2005

May 7, 2005

Hillsea is one of my favorite events – this is the one where older people (for the most part) have an advantaged start.  The other aspect, at least of late, has been wet and muddy conditions.

Having done several ultras on muddy trails, I don’t necessarily have a problem with running 7 or 8 miles on a muddy trail, but I do a little better when the path is drier.  This year, I get my wish – the course is dry… it hasn’t even rained in several days (in some years, the weather is dry, but recent rains made the trail muddy).

The only unusual aspect of the trail is that the brush is more overgrown than usual.  At the Sunset in the Park races, this is the usual situation.  This year, the brush is so high that not even I can see over the brush… but at least it makes the course more exciting.

Since there is no rain nor mud, it stands to reason that more people are at the race – rain is a great dissuader – so naturally, I feel my chances are not too great to do well.  I manage about 8 minutes per mile, which puts me in 59th place (Feelin’ Groovy), and in 1st place in my age division.


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