Naples Fun Run 2.4M – 2005

June 4, 2005

Before feasting on pancakes, we run a 2.4M (plus or minus) run around the canals of Naples.  Several of my AREC friends joined us, including Todd Byers, Laura and Inger (who just started running with AREC last week).

The usual chaos ensued, as some parts were not marked.  The course never changes, but the kids who chalk the turns get older (or newer and younger) and forget.  Todd Byers and I were near the front, and he missed a turn, but I called him back.

A mistake… in retrospect, because Todd ended up winning the race, and I took second place.  Basically, we are racing for recognition and to pick up one of the 10 nice medals (top 3 overall male, top 3 overall female, youngest, oldest, Fastest Family and Fastest running with a pet).


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