Palos Verdes Marathon – 2005

May 14, 2005

My 4th year in a row of running the PV Marathon.  This is one of the most scenic marathons (and also one of the best deals at just $30).  Many of the usual suspects join me for the marathon (Todd B., Bob Beachler, etc.), but I cannot get people that haven’t run a lot of marathons to give it a try.  They find the downside that it is a small marathon, there is no Expo, and the medal is basically a sticker on a blank die.  If medals are that important, then this isn’t the ideal race for you.

Typically, the weather on the So. Cal. coast in Spring is foggy and remains overcast until midday, but today, there was no such idealistic weather.  It was hot from almost the start to the finish.

I used my typical strategy at this race – go ALL out to the hill, and then try to settle in to a comfortable pace.  I had one of my slowest first miles in the past few years – 6:37.

As the race continued, my feet began to swell and that forced my toenails to the front of the shoe.  On the downhill sections, my toenails got blood blisters and the day began to be more and more painful.  By the time I got to Mile 21, I was really falling apart (and this is the longest uphill section) and slowed to a 13:30 mile, before hitting the top of the course and mostly downhill to the finish.  My time was 4:29:00, which was 156th overall.  (Even 6-hour finishers were in the top 300 overall!)


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