LAUSD 200m/400m/800m/1500m (1) – 2005

July 12, 2005

Tim Hickok alerted me to a special FREE track meet at San Pedro High School, a series called “Before the Bell.”  Basically the intent is to provide athletic endeavor to students in the LA School District.  There are two month-long series, one in San Pedro and one in the valley.

At the track meet, there are two sets of heats:  first, the 14 and under crowd (all divided into various subclasses), and at 6:30pm (or after their events are finished), the high school and “open” group together.

The heats go off in a particular order (but I do not remember precisely the order), but when one event is over, then the next one begins.  Suffice it to say, if I have one good result, then the quality of the races that follow decrease a bit in their speed and efficiency, especially because I generally don’t run track races (or races under a mile).

My first race was the 400 meters (because the time looks the best) and I finished in 1:12 (only 29 seconds off the world record).

Next was the 200 meters in 36 seconds (about double the world record), followed by the half mile (starting to fall apart here) in 2:57.  This time is particularly slow, given that I have run a mile time trial in 5:56 (standalone, though).

The final race, the 1500 (aka the “Mile,” albeit 100 meters short) takes me 5:47.

Afterwards, we go over to a nearby pizza place (Tim’s kids are along) and have pizza.  For many years, it was a great place to go to as they had no liquor license, and thus we could go next door to the liquor store, buy a six-pack and bring it over.


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