David Hancock 1/4 Ironman Triathlon – 2005

August 6, 2005

Back to my favorite small triathlon.

I always have a good time, but I am a terrible cyclist and swimmer… and by the time I get to the run, I don’t really have a chance to catch up to anyone… so I most often finish in last place!  (Plus I got lost on the run!)  I borrowed Tim’s wife’s bike because it is a road bike (as opposed to my hybrid, which goes slower), but it is also awkward because it is a ladies’ bike, and I am a “giant.”

The best part is afterwards.  Not just the brunch, but the fact that I usually stay from 10am (when I finish) until about 6 or 7pm.  Usually I have to leave before I have to roll myself (and my bike) home… at least I live only about 1.5 miles away.


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