New Year’s Day 5M – 2006

January 1, 2006

A big race to start out the new year in Dallas before my flight to head back to Southern California.  I misread the time and got down there a bit too early – the race didn’t start until 10am!  (Good after a long night of “partying.”)

It was a fairly flat course with a few turns, a few bridge crossings and then back.  Like yesterday’s race, this race also had weight classes – three of them:  Clydesdale (190-214), Rhino (215-239) and Hippo (240+).  I would hate to be classified as a Hippo!

I had a couple of confrontations with Bikers on this course as they wanted to shove all of the runners off the course and into the water.  What I want to know is why they were all doing out after late night partying and then giving runners a hard time.  I yelled out to other runners, “Jam a stick in his spokes and he’ll go down, and there are many of us.  We’ll overpower him.”  (I wasn’t really going to do that… well, probably not, but he stopped freaking out and being a jerk.

I finished in 37:57, which was good enough again to receive an award in the “FAT” category.


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