Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon – 2006

April 23, 2006

One of my favorite events, and this year, we had 7 teams!  So… it was even more of a blast than usual.

I did something this year that totally goes against racing strategies… I had two microbrews BEFORE I ran.  As usual, I had the last leg, and Jaime (aka Buster) convinced me to join him in the beer enclosure.  Buster was knocking ’em back like crazy.

I had a pretty good result for myself, finishing my 5.3 mile section in 39:55 (sub-8:00).  Our team was a little ahead of Buster’s team, so I got to see how well he would do after consuming so much beer.

His team was very worried about him, because he had that glazed look in his eyes that you see when people have too much to drink.  He sorta shuffled off to the lonely section (an out-and-back with no crowd support), and we expected him to take forever to get back… but suddenly he appeared at Mile 3… his fastest 3 miles ever, probably, asking for his team to get him a beer when he popped by again at Mile 4.

Another highlight was that Connor Stevens ran on one of the teams.  I had known him since he was about 8 years old… and now he is 14 and really enjoys running (and he’s fast).  All of his running buddies are 20 years older, but we all think he’s a great kid and really managing well, considering that his mother, Heather, has had pancreatic cancer for the past 3 years.

We had a good time, and our group was the LAST team to leave the park and I think we shut the beer enclosure down, too (by 3pm, or so).


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