Rahl Rose Quintennial 5K – 2006

March 7, 2006

My buddy Todd Rose and I discovered (a few years ago) that our birthdays are one day apart, but Todd is almost 5 years older than I am.

For one day every 5 years (on my birthday), Todd and I are in the same age group.  Seeing as my birthday falls on a Tuesday, there aren’t any races available.  I proposed putting on our own race and calling it the Rahl-Rose Quintennial (since it is only held every 5 years).  We invited anyone in AREC that might be interested in competing.

Of course, since it is March, it is pretty cold and we did not get a lot of takers.

It was probably the worst day and worst time to put on our own race.  (I suppose it could have been raining…)  It was about 50 degrees out and extremely blustery.  Headwinds were probably about 40-50 mph.  (That’s a guess, but I have run into sustained 40 mph winds, and this felt MUCH worse.)

To make matters worse, since we were running on the beach bike path, the sand was swirling and beating into our faces.  I did my usual thing of starting out and running with someone, but you couldn’t have a conversation, because you couldn’t hear anything over the wind.

However, as soon as I turned around, it was totally silent.  I called out to the people behind me that it was going to get better, but they couldn’t hear me until they turned around.

The sort of laughable moment was that the gate across the bike path was put down in between when we started the race and when it ended, so Zack ran into it and ended up tying for first place.

I didn’t come in ahead of Todd, but now I have 5 years ahead of me to figure out how to beat him (probably convince him to give blood the day before).


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