Hillsea 7.57M XC – 2006

April 29, 2006

I got an interesting smattering of folks to do the Hillsea course with me this year.  As a reminder, this is the Southern California version of the Dipsea (sort of) where you run all sorts of surfaces (paved, dirt, rooty, stairs, sand, …) and when you start is based upon your age.

The most exciting twist this year is that I don’t start last.  Women who are 80+ (never been any) start at 8:00am, and the last group to start (I think it should be Men 18&U!) is Men 24-29 and Men 30-34.  Having run this race ever since I moved to Southern California in 1998 (when I was 27), I have only ever been a M24-34.  Not this year!!

I’ve decided that not starting last doesn’t really help much.  At least starting last (unless you are ungodly slow) you do pick off some runners.  If you have fast twitch 20-somethings starting a mere 3 minutes behind you, YOU become the prey.

I finished in under an hour (by the clock, which starts with the last group, so really, my time is just over an hour).  I’m not quite fast enough to place in my division (4th, probably out of 4).

This is probably one of my favorite races of the year, because of the variety of the course and the little twists that you don’t get at any other races.


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