LAUSD 1500m/1600mRW/5000mR – 2006

July 18, 2006

A strange week.  It started out with attending a Mensa activity in Pasadena on Saturday afternoon/evening.  I decided to take the Metro, to save on gas and not drive drunk.  I timed the schedule out so that I could make the last train back.  (I scheduled it so I would make the second-to-last train back, and not miss the last train.)

On the Gold Line ride, something happened and we sat on the track for a while… so I missed the last Red Line train.  However, I knew that the Blue Line ran for another 2-1/2 hours, and was just a couple of miles away.  (Apparently, there were also buses running, but I couldn’t figure out that schedule.)  I figured I would just walk back downtown and catch one of the last Blue Line trains (In case you don’t know about the LA Metro, to get to Pasadena from Long Beach (where my car was parked), you take the Blue Line to downtown LA, transfer to the Red Line which goes to Union Station, and then the Gold Line goes from Union Station to Pasadena.  I was taking the Blue Line regardless, but the Red Line doesn’t run as late as the Blue Line.  Very frustrating.)

Anyway, I got disoriented and walked the complete opposite direction, and by the time I realized my mistake, I had walked about 7 miles into East LA, and it was 2:30am… so I had no choice but to continue.  (I should also mention that I called all of my local friends and no one answered their phone (around 12:30am).  There were not a lot of other options, anyway.)   I continued walking until 5:45am when the local buses started running again.  The total distance was around 22.8 miles and I did it in khaki pants and a polo shirt.  That’s REAL endurance!

Anyway, a few days later, I went back to the San Pedro HS track meet for the second week in a row, with my buddy Tim Hickok, and also convinced Dona McBride to participate as well.

I opted against doing the really short races (less than a metric mile) as I don’t have real speed.  The first race was the 1500m, which is technically less than a mile (some call it the Metric Mile).  I manage 5:41.

The next race is my second attempt (in a few weeks) at the 1 mile Racewalk.  I am a little self-conscious about keeping to form, as I had previously received a warning during my race.  This affects my speed somewhat and I do not improve upon my time, but still manage 10:08.

The last race is a 5K around the track – 12-1/2 boring laps – but I still manage a 21:39.

A result of these multiple event races is a change in how AREC scores its Grand Prix.  After this year, we say that all races less than 2 miles are worth one point.  This is because in a track race, you usually don’t do worse than 8th place… and in these races, there are not a lot of age group variations (usually one of each division in each race).  Tim and I basically ruined the accumulation of beau coup points by doing too many of these events.


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