Sand Challenge 5K (3.3M) – 2006

July 23, 2006

Todd rose, Ed and I did one of Justin Rudd’s Sand Challenges.  The obstacles were absolutely brutal.

The worse part for me was the Wall Climb.  This involved jumping up from sand to a 6 foot high wall.  For someone like myself who cannot do pull-ups, this was quite impossible.  There is one redeeming possibility – The Wimp Chair.  We are lectured at the start about how we shouldn’t use the Wimp Chair; however, there’s no way for me to get up the wall without the Wimp Chair.

And of course, the race has several belly crawls (for me, at least), a trek into the ocean and 100% running on the sand (not my favorite).  I do 35-odd minutes (faster than Ed’s 50+) and don’t figure into the awards.  Go figure.


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