Dale Shimizu 3M – 2006

October 28, 2006

One more Dale Shimizu run at the LB Health Center.  This is probably the least exciting run, but I feel pretty good considering that I haven’t run much since my 50-miler a few weeks earlier.

Before the race, I feel like I have a “celebrity” sighting – this happens occasionally in LA, though usually not at small local races.  At Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon, we were always spotting celebrities – for the most part, they run the “Celebrity Race,” which usually is 0.5 mile per celebrity (the exception being the Malcolm in the Middle team who always did the full relay – and I respected them for that).

Anyway, the gal looked like Julie Stouffer (sp?), the LDS girl from the original season of MTV’s The Real World – New Orleans.  I was a fan of hers, because I liked watching the people that weren’t hot messes and drunks trying to deal with the hot messes and drunks (kind of like college for me).  Unless the situation is special, I usually don’t run up to a celebrity and get all googly-eyed.  I just accept the situation… especially in a race – I’m sure the person just wants to do their run and not get fawned over.  If she was just ahead of me the whole race, I might run up next to her and start a conversation (if she wasn’t running arm-in-arm with a boyfriend or wearing headphones and ignoring the world).  She was behind me, anyway.

I managed to run 20:38, which was a bit faster than last year, certainly not a PR (slower than my best 5K), but it was good enough for first place in my age group (the new age group).

Afterwards, since I compiled the results, I did note that there was a Julie Stouffer in the results.  So, I guess it was her.

In the afternoon, I saw some other “celebrities” in West Hollywood at the Drag Races (I just watched – you couldn’t pay me to race 100 yards in high heels and a dress!).


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