LA Cancer Challenge 5K – 2006

October 29, 2006

The first year of the Pancreatic Cancer challenge race without Heather (who died a few months ago).  Her son and ex-husband are here, though, and a lot of her good friends, in memory of her.

We are at the LA Veterans campus, near the 405 and 10 intersection (off of Wilshire Blvd.).

This course has some nice hills, but none of the sharp turns on uneven pavement that the run at UCLA had (2 years ago, I think).  It’s just nice being here.

The day Heather died, another running friend (and her brother, too) were diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.  She is in her mid-60s, so just as tragic (probably) as someone under 40, since nowadays 65 isn’t “old age.”  She is still hanging in there, though, 4 months post-diagnosis.  Outlook not great, though.

Even after a 3M race yesterday, I manage 22:10 for the 5K.  Normally, this wouldn’t put me in the top 10 of my age group, but following my theory that when 10K is offered along with 5K, the better runners do the 10K; I end up placing 3rd in my division (and the medals even went 5 deep!).


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