LASAA Temple 10K Mug Run – 2006

November 11, 2006

Drove up to Temple City to do another Sheriff’s Mug Run.  This is a fairly uneventful street course that runs through a number of neighborhoods, with a net elevation gain (100′?) for the first 3 miles and then a mild descent back to the start/finish for the second half.

For me, it’s slightly notable that it is somewhat near where my grandparents spent the last years of their lives… I think I may have run by the hospital complex where my grandmother spent the bulk of her last 10 years.

Today, I tried out new “orthotics.”  In my mind, orthotics are inserts specially fitted for oneself, rather than over-the-counter inserts.  I bought some OTC inserts to give me a little more support.  I may have mentioned before that I have two differently sized feet, and they differ from what is normal.

My left foot is a 12-1/2 and my right foot is a 13-1/2… and after 12s, there are no half sizes.  I don’t generally know anyone who has opposite feet.  If I did, I would assume that their shoe width is also probably not AA, since most large footed persons have a wide width (like D or E or EE).

So… I get 14s, which is a pretty good fit for the right foot and a bad fit for the left.  The orthotic inserts help a little bit for both feet for support, but help best for the left foot.

I overcompensated a little bit on the run and went out too fast, but managed to get into a comfortable rhythm fairly quickly.  The fast start helped me to see where I was in the race, and only a few people passed me overall.

I ended up running 45:08, coming in 6th place overall and winning my age group.  Gotta love these small races when you are finishing in the top ten overall!


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