New Year’s 5M – 2007

January 1, 2007

I planned out my flight back to LA to allow me to run a 5 mile race on New Year’s Day by Flagpole Hill on White Rock Lake.  This race starts at 10am on the 1st and runs along bike paths.  At the finish (in the past), they have had spiked egg nog and beer (and it is almost always pretty cold out).

There is a little bit of a snafu this year, because they had torrential rains the night before, making a portion of the race unrunnable (according to the race folks).  A guy that I recognize from the Plano Pacers group is out there rearranging the course so that it works.  Meanwhile, I am a particular schedule… I need to be at the airport for a 1pm flight (probably 90 minutes early) and we aren’t starting at 10am.  We are waiting for the revamp restart.

Finally, he comes back and says that the course has been shortened to 5K; otherwise, we couldn’t run the course at all.  He has a caveat that the course may be a bit muddy and IS wet.  I just want to get on the road so that I can still go to the airport and not miss my flight.

We start out on the usual course and it’s a little muddy, yeah.  But then we get to a section I recognize, where in the past I have seen stream water just below the level of the path (but on both sides).  Only this time, there is stream water about 4 inches ABOVE the level of path (on both sides and on the path).  The people just ahead of me are hesitating, as if there was some way to go around without getting their shoes wet.  Having done so many trail adventures, I know the best way is just to go straight through.  Also, I realize, I am going to have to go through this section twice (since it is out-and-back).

I felt pretty good on this course.  I probably got ahead of several people who were leery of the water, whereas I just splashed through (probably annoyed those same people because they got wetter than they would have, had they only run straight through the puddle/river).

I finished in 21:16 and that was good enough for first overall in the Clydesdale category.  Alas, no more Clydesdale category in Southern California.


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