Paramount 10K – 2007

January 13, 2007

Paramount is flat (and “fast”).  It was also very cold out and threatening to rain, but didn’t really rain much.  That “threat of rain” always seems to reduce the number of people that show up.

I managed 45:01, a pretty good time for me nowadays, but not fast enough to win any awards (bet I could have won the Clydesdale category, had there been one).

This particular event was notable for me in that I ran into a former AREC member, Jan Crocker, who I had had a falling out with (or, rather, she was offended by something I wrote that COULD read a different way (but was meant to be 100% positive)).  Even after our problems, I had continued to be a cheerleader for her, but she wouldn’t talk to me.  After Paramount, she didn’t run off, and when all of us were hanging out in the Michelob Ultra “tent,” we had a nice talk.

Since she is no longer with the club, I gave her an update on some vital things… like the fact that our vice president, Win Freeman, is undergoing treatment for throat cancer.  His prognosis is good, so far.  We had a good talk and things seem to be on the mend, though I don’t think we will see her at the runs again. =(

There is some talk about this being the last Paramount 10K (even though the race has been going on for 40-something years).  The issue when any of these street runs is that the city has to provide police coverage to block off the streets, and if they can cut down the number of streets to be closed… then it costs the city less money and so forth.  Oscar has said that they want HIM to figure out this new course (they hire him for the timing) and he is starting to wind down towards retirement and probably doesn’t want to set up a new course.  I hope that this isn’t the case.


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