David Hancock 1/4 Ironman Triathlon – 2007

August 5, 2007

I suppose a terrible idea of tapering would be to do a quarter Ironman 5 days before a 50-mile ultramarathon… especially given that I have not cycled or swum in exactly one year.  I always treat the race like a nice challenge… basically not to come in last place… since I am a terrible cyclist and so-so swimmer, but good runner…. a better runner than most of these folks.

My swim is typical – 31:30 for the 1K (including my super-slow transition).

My bike is not bad – 2:20, including the quick transition (dumping helmet for hat, and taking off bicycle shorts).

And… I am satisfied with my “run.”  I feel I should be under an hour, but I did 60:30.  I’ll take it.  The point is not to kill myself before my race… and I didn’t come in last place!


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