San Pedro Track Meet 1500m/3000m (2) – 2007

July 24, 2007

Ed Villalobos and I went to the track meet this time.  I had somewhat lowered expectations after my training run on Saturday at Mt. Wilson.

I was out with Laura and Chuck, and Todd Fanady.  We were doing the Mt. Josephine and Strawberry Saddle section.  I got terribly overheated going up Mt. Josephine and drank ALL of my water to try and stay hydrated.  When I got to the top, I was dizzy.

Chuck was up for doing some extra distance (because we were going so slow).  He said that he would go back down to the bottom (about 2 miles), refill his Camelbak and then refill my water bottle.  I would continue on the trail slowly until he got back.

It took him about 40 minutes to do the 4 miles roundtrip.  In that time, I barely covered a mile.  The 16 miles we “ran” took me nearly 6 hours.  Probably means that I have to hydrate better BEFORE the run.

Ed did the 1500m race with me and finished in 8:18, while I did 6:16 (that’s 21 seconds slower than the time before).  In the 3000, I did 12:21 (a little faster than before).  Who knows what’s really going on with me?


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