Snail’s Pace Ekiden 10M Relay – 2007

June 24, 2007

Back for another go-round with the Snail’s Pace Ekiden Relay.  As a reminder (if you haven’t read my other posts), the first person runs a mile, the 2nd 2-miles, the 3rd 3-miles and the 4th 4-miles.  Which distance and which team is chosen by random draw.  I have NEVER been selected for less than 3 miles (which is probably good for me), though once I swapped with someone because I had another event to get to.

So, of course, I did get selected for the 4-miler!

The 1- and 2-mile courses are almost totally flat, but the 3- and 4-mile courses climb up (and go down) a substantial hill.  Having done several ultras, I have trained myself to avoid running up long-ish steep hills… but today, I decided that I would push a bit to try and catch another team.

I ended up wrenching my back a bit and having a so-so result – 29:25 – but our team DID come in 3rd overall, and we got a 3rd place plaque.


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