Boeing 5K (10) – 2007

November 12, 2007

I felt a little under the weather and tried not to push myself too much at the Boeing run… but managed 22:36… comparable to my last few runs.

A few days later, we mounted a successful “Complete Long Beach Marathon” run with Rich & Colleen, and a few other friends.  We basically started the run from where the ambulance picked them up just about 1 month ago (it was closer to 18 miles, rather than 12.).

We used it as a fundraiser for a charity that Win liked, “Livestrong.”

The best part of this was that due to our association with the LB Marathon Race Director (who also ran with AREC), we were able to obtain 2 finisher’s medals from the race… so when they crossed the location of the finish line, we presented them with finisher’s medals (and posted their results in the club newsletter as “1 month, 1 day, and 13 hours”).

Later, while we were celebrating, we were notified that Dean Karnazes was running from San Diego to Long Beach, and then was going to paddleboard to Catalina Marathon and then do the Catalina Eco Marathon.  We decided we would run in with him from Huntington Beach at 2 or 3am… but everyone overslept.


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