Boeing 5K (8) – 2007

September 10, 2007

After a few weeks of a sore back, I am somewhat back to normal with my running.  I had wanted to run a Labor Day run in San Pedro that was going to run from the Vincent Thomas Bridge to Point Fermin Park (the opposite end of the area)… but waited until the last-minute to sign up.

That was extremely lucky, as at the last minute, they didn’t get permits to put on the race, so everyone who registered in advance got a goody bag and a shirt for a non-event.
Get the permits first, people!

The Boeing 5K has no permits, so we just run… unless the company deems that it is unsafe to go around the construction zone – this is why the race for all intents and purposes did not exist in 2006.

I feel pretty good today, though my time is not comparable with most of my other Boeing runs… but in 23:15… at least I am under 8:00/mile pace!


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