Piedmont Turkey Trot 3M – 2007

November 22, 2007

Since I am in the Bay Area to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, I go with the tradition (now) of doing the Piedmont Turkey Trot 3M (sometimes it’s 5K, sometimes 3M)… but a bit of a caveat this year as I am getting close to my double, and I wanted to get in one more long-ish run.  After running a respectable time of 24:40, I head off to do the “Piedmont Marathon.”

Piedmont, California, my hometown, is 1.7 square miles in area, and VERY hilly.  It may be, due to the hilliness, that the 3-D volume of the city makes it just possible to create a marathon course in the city (without crossing over itself) and touching nearly every street, and often on both sides.  My map resembled one of those single-line drawings that portray an entire picture.

It is hard to describe how difficult the course was… aside from the over-100 turns, you are constantly climbing steep hills and then descending them.  After about 3-1/2 hours, I was walking, because I was so tired.

The one bad part was that I wasn’t sure where the exact border of Piedmont with Oakland was, so I ventured out of the city a couple of times (I created a new course, later, that fixed that problem.).  I didn’t actually get to finish the entire course… I had my cell phone with me in case there were any issues, and after about 22 miles, my sister, Marisa, called me to ask where the heck I was (I was going to call her when I finished to get a ride back home).  She said that she was going to come and get me, because we were going to eat soon.  I said where I was… except that I didn’t stop, so it took her a little extra mileage (on my part) to find where I had gotten to… Mile 25.5.  Can you believe she wouldn’t wait for me to walk 0.7 mile back to the end??!?!

I needed a good recovery as I got really dehydrated and my back was killing me… but I did get in a nice 28.5 mile run.


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