LASAA Pico Rivera Mug Run 10K – 2007

December 1, 2007

One of the most scenic of the Sheriff’s Mug Runs.  I generally won’t say anything is scenic when it is a street run, but this gets a full view of the ‘beautiful’ San Gabriel River.  OK, I’m a little tongue-in-cheek here.

The Pico Rivera run starts in the Pico Rivera substation which is a couple of blocks away from both the 605 freeway and the aforementioned riverbed.  My intent in doing this race is to get in a nice tempo run, but not to overdo it.

The run goes down a busy street and then turns onto the San Gabriel River bike path.  The San Gabriel River itself is mostly bordered by cement (like many of LA Rivers), but is filled with water (I guess), lots of weeds and overgrowth and trash.  It doesn’t really smell, but it looks gross.

Basically, we run down almost 3 miles (under a couple of low-hanging railroad trestles, too), turn around and come up the other side.  You can somewhat gauge where you are in the race and if anyone is behind you.  I get a chance to wave to my carpool buddy, Ed Villalobos, who is a bit behind me.

The end of the race is a parallel street to the start that takes you about 1/2 mile past the finish line (but you can’t see it; houses are in the way) and then comes back and finishes.  I went at a slow-enough pace to have a conversation during the run… but I still managed 46:46 and that was fast enough to get a blue ribbon (by winning my age group).


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