AREC Sweethearts 2.14M Relay – 2008

February 12, 2008

Tam Premsrirath’s elementary school class is trying to raise money for a trip to Washington, DC.  We hit upon the idea to put on a Sweetheart’s Relay in order to help with this fundraising effort (and to get in a nice run).

We came up with a course through Naples and made it 2.14M per person.  The idea of the run was for Sweethearts to run together.  Of the (ironically) 14 couples, maybe 4 of them were actual couples.  There ended up being more men than women, so there were a number of Male-Male (good friend) “couples.”

My partner was Tam herself (which was fine since her boyfriend was more of a cyclist than a runner).  I ran about 17 minutes (over 2 big hills, aka the 2nd Street Bridge), but it was more fun than anything else and she raised $600.


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