LASAA Temple City 10K Mug Run – 2008

February 9, 2008

Ed Villalobos and I headed up to Temple City to do the LA Sheriff’s Athletic Association Mug Run.  LASAA has been putting on these races for several years, and generally, they were poorly attended, even by Sheriff’s Department employees.  The entire point behind the runs was to work towards fielding a team for the Law Enforcement Relay called “Baker to Vegas.”

Starting with this year, they have gotten a coordinator to create some consistency between events, since for the most part, each Sheriff’s station kind of did their own thing, and then passed their information on to the next station.

One new thing they are trying is by adding in a 5K option.

Mostly, people come for the 10K, but… if someone brings along a friend, maybe that person will walk or run the 5K.

The only mistake (in my mind) is that the 10K is broken out into divisions and the 5K gives out awards only for the Top 3 finishers.  I think even if there are only 3 finishers, they should do age group awards just like the other race.

I don’t think Ed particularly likes 10Ks, so the 5K distance is perfect for him.  Even better, he can get to his beer faster!

My lower back is bugging me somewhat, and Temple City 10K is basically 3 miles up and 3 miles down.  I ended up walking some of the hills because it stressed out my back less.  In the end, my goal was just to run a reasonable pace and not worry about awards or coming anywhere near to my 42:35 PR of a few years prior.

I ended up finishing in 48:55 (just a shade under 8:00/mile pace) and surprisingly, garnered a 3rd place in my division.


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