Boeing 5K (1) – 2008

March 10, 2008

I’ve missed 2 or 3 Boeing 5Ks.  I had a 54 consecutive 5K running streak (it would have been 54 consecutive months, had there not been 11 or 12 cancelled due to construction or foul weather) that ended late last year, when basically I was unable (due to flying times) to get back in time for the event.

This is another one of those months where I am walking the race because I am only a few days removed from running an ultra (and feel I need the recovery time).  I am doing quite a bit of walking these days, as I have started a new contract job with LAHSA (not to be confused with LASAA) – the LA Homeless Services Authority.  The office is in downtown L.A., near the Pershing Square Station.  Problem is, is that that station is one mere station from 7th Street Station, the end of the Blue Line.  To transfer over and ride that one stop costs me an extra $1.25 each way.  Better to walk the extra six tenths each way and save $12.50 every week towards whatever.

Today, I have a good walking day and finish in 34:20, one of my better 5K walks.


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