Boeing 5K (3) – 2008

May 12, 2008

If you can believe it, the water heater issue is still not really resolved.  I am just going to write about here because the issue (plus another big event) prevented me from running any races since the Ekiden Relay 3 weeks ago.

When they removed my old water heater, they dropped it on the back stair, shattering the stair (and then saying, “Don’t say anything to the association; they’ll take care of it,” even though it was their fault).  Then they didn’t tighten up the lines when they left, so when the water was turned back on, it flooded my hallway (which is carpeted), so I had high-powered fans going for 2 full days.  When they brought the new water heater, it didn’t really fit in the closet.  They somewhat jammed it in, but the door wouldn’t close… and the whole time, I was dealing with nickel and diming folks that wanted to charge me for a whole bunch of things that I don’t think I needed (or should have been in the original contract).

Eventually, I talked with a manager, who came out personally to look at the shoddy workmanship, remeasure, and replace the water heater with one that fit.  But… just six months down the line (a little later this year), it stopped working because the wiring melted the controls, and they replaced it a second time.

Then, two weeks ago, a group and I put on a 5-run Hashing event called Hashtravaganza.  I was in charge of the trail aspect and being a first-time event, it was stressful making sure that everyone did their part correctly.  Except for unbelievable heat, the event was a success.

I am still working downtown (to pay for the water heater) and had the day off to do the Boeing run.  I was a bit better than last month, with a time of 23:04.  There was a second guy under 40 this month, so I came in second in the “submasters category.”


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