Boeing 5K (5) – 2008

July 14, 2008

Today is a Prediction Boeing 5K (actually, the prediction runs are every other month, but I am usually not close… and they let you wear your watch, so time can be finagled a bit).  I predicted a run of 25:37, because I didn’t feel great.  There’s a reason for this.

Laura, Chuck and I went out to Mt. Wilson yesterday to do a practice run in order to get prepared to do the Mt. Disappointment 50 (M for me, K for them).  It was both an opportunity to test out some of my gear, and do a dry run of part of the course.

I wanted to test out three items that I had never used in a race before:

** My hat, with detachable neck shade.  I had been given a form of this hat in October by AREC, but the hat itself was not great for running, so I put adhesive velcro onto an appropriate hat.  This worked OK, but I sweated the adhesive off.  Then I sewed the adhesive onto the hat (ruined the needle).  Hat trial was fine.

** My gaiters.  These were also given to me by AREC, in appreciation of the work I had done.  They are camouflage and they keep rocks and other junk from getting in your shoes.  In wearing them, I realized just how much crap I deal with in running on trails (and how much of that crap gets in my shoes).

** My headlamp.  I was trying out a new Duracell headlamp I bought at Target for $15.  This was kind of a weird test, because well, we were running in daylight, but it worked, and it was fairly comfortable.

So… just a quick note about my running log here.  I have been writing up all of my races the past few months and I have to remember my runs by re-reading my notes in my running log.  Sometimes my handwriting is hard to read, and the space I am writing in is small, so I abbreviate a lot (I come up with initials (or a bit more) for people’s names and then am consistent throughout with these abbreviations.).  Sometimes I use abbreviations for a couple of things that I rarely mention… and they may have the same abbreviations as items I reference a lot.

For this particular run, I wrote:  “Did Mt.W to RB to WF to MTW Rte.”

In re-reading it, I instantly thought of my name abbreviations… RB is Roberta Bonifacio (or Rickey Bobbitt); WF is Win Freeman (a few years deceased); and MTW is Heather (or her hash name “Mary Tyler Whore” (also a few years deceased).

But then I realized I was saying that I started at the top of Mt. Wilson, descended to Redbox (RB), then to West Fork (WF) and back to the top of Mt. Wilson (MTW).  Ha ha.

The worst part on this entire course is “WF to MTW,” because it is 5 miles and about 2500′ of climbing, some of it technical.  My back was killing me… so I opted to walk up the hill.  It took me 1 hour, 50 minutes to climb the hill.  The whole circuit was probably close to 4 hours!  Thus my prediction of 25:37.

Naturally, I have no concept of how I run when I am tired… so I surprised myself with a time of 24:46 (slightly under 8:00/mile pace).


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