ThomBob 1M Kayak / 5K Run Relay – 2008

July 12, 2008

My 10th year of doing this event, and my 10th time in the inflatable kayak!  There are just 3 of us who have done all 10 relays – myself, Lorenzo Herrera and Robert Rice (son of “Bob”).  This is also maybe the 4th time that Todd Rose and I have been teammates.  We’re good friends and don’t dwell on whether we win anything (though I am sure that I am holding Todd back).

We go with what works, which is I kayak first.  I’ve kayaked second on one occasion and that was a mess… because I am not very efficient at kayaking (based upon my build, the fact that I am not built for this size kayak).  That year, we were in 2nd place entering the water and we finished 8th.  No, it’s best that I wrap my hands in duct tape and struggle at the beginning and then try and relay on our running skill, plus Todd’s kayaking skill (better than mine, at least), to pass anyone in front of us.

So… after I get out of the kayak, we are in 20th place (out of 21).  After Todd’s run, we are in 10th place, and in 9th after my run… and then Todd picks off 2 people in the kayak.

It wasn’t our fastest relay, but it was nice purely passing people… and I also got a special shirt and framed picture commemorating my milestone participation.


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