Sunset in the Park 2.8M/4.8M XC – 2008

August 21, 2008

Today is the final Finishline (aka Oscar Rosales) run.  I am bummed… not just because I am losing a source of 7-8 free cross country runs per year, but because over the past 10 years, I have enjoyed my association with Finishline and with Oscar and Trina Rosales.  Even though their races were always low-key, I always felt like they did racing right… for the runners, not too expensive and a quality event and personal.

I don’t feel that great today, because I am still only 2 weeks removed from running my 50 miler and not ramped back up into running health.

However, despite that I ran two decent races – 21:51 in the 2.8M race and 39:45 in the 4.8 mile race.  (This could be due to feeling no pressure.)

Alas, I did not win a tile (Oscar’s version of a medal) because lots of his long-time runners came out and all of the age groups were extremely competitive.

Over the next few months, I did a few small data input projects for Oscar, because he thought that he might do some occasional timing or something, but this ended up being the last race I did the results on, and other than seeing him at the Distance Derby 10 miler once, one of the last times I saw him (he’s still around – we just don’t move in the same circles).


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