A Snail’s Pace Poker Run – 2008

November 8, 2008

For me, a particularly sad week… due to the election.  The candidate that I wanted for 2000, John McCain, lost to an electric candidate in Barack Obama.  I just don’t think that he has any idea what to do with the country.  Some of his statements say stuff like “Having high debt is unpatriotic and I will halve that by the end of my first term,” seem to me like a straight out lie, because Democrats are generally not for cutting spending.  I wish that the Republican Party was more like me and liberal on social issues and conservative on spending.  I think they would reach out to more people that way.

Running, therefore, helps me deal better with the bitterness of the defeat (and what I think will be a long long recession period).  A Snail’s Pace invited AREC to come and do their Poker Run at El Moro Canyon.  This is another one of their completely awesome ideas!

There are decks of cards placed in 7 or 8 spots around the parkland, and there are various routes you can take to get to them.  When you get to a location, you grab a card (without looking, but who knows if everyone else abided by that).  If you make it to all 8 spots, it will probably increase your chances of getting a better 5-card hand, than if you just go to 4 spots (you get a card at the start).

There is a time limit and you are not supposed to come in AFTER the time limit, so you have to know your limitations and figure out how far you can go in the time allotted.

We have 1 hour, 50 minutes, so I was hoping that I could finish a 9.5 mile route in that period of time.  Steve Radovich and I stayed together most of the way, though looking at time, I figured I needed to run pretty hard down the final hills to get in under the gun… and I came in 1:49:40.  Phew!

I didn’t have a particularly good hand, and then they were allowing people to come in AFTER the time and play their hand-picked hand.  I thought it was more of a challenge leaving it to chance and trying to hit as many places as possible.  It was just for fun, so I am not really complaining.


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