Boeing 5K (2) – 2009

March 9, 2009

A BIG gap in between races, but a lot of stuff happened to me in between.

In early February, I served on Jury Duty.  I had never served on a case and the one time I came close, they let me go because I said my dad was an attorney.  On this particular case, they excused 6 people in a row in the same seat until I sat there, and then they finalized the jury.

The first day we listened to testimony that was translated.  Everything was very sketchy, as in the evidence was questionable.  On the next day, we all sat out in the hall for over an hour, until the judge called us in to say that they got a plea agreement.  I think it was because they didn’t really have a case.

About two weeks later, I headed to Dallas for a special family trip.  On January 11th, my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary, and on January 18th, my dad turned 75.  So… the whole family (plus my brother-in-law and 2 nephews (aged 3 and 1)) are taking a week-long cruise out of Galveston and going to Cozumel, Riviera Maya and Roatan (a small island, part of Honduras) to celebrate.  Marisa, Riva and I have planned a special gift giveaway for each day of the cruise which will celebrate each 5 years of their marriage.

After getting back, I spent some time working on my next big event, the 2nd Hashtravaganza.  This year we are running in Palos Verdes.  My particular trail has an easy and hard option.  The easy option is 2 miles long and has 1200′ of elevation gain.  The hard trail is 5 miles long and has 1200′ of elevation gain.  In either case, you have to go up the hill, so 2 miles is easier!

Finally, two days ago it was my birthday.  Disneyland was offering a special deal that you could go to Disneyland for free on your birthday.  I thought, I’ll go with the 4 people I know who have the same birthday, and it won’t be a huge imposition because, well, it’s on a Saturday.  But no one wanted to go.  Marisa e-mailed and said that she would come out and go with me. Yay.  I hoped to get her a discounted ticket.

A friend from AREC, Margo, works for Disneyland, and I picked her brain about what kind of discount I could get Marisa.  She said there really aren’t a lot of options, but that she lived nearby and would be willing to meet us at the gate at 9am, and just let Marisa in for free!

Meanwhile, my cousin Daniel (who lives in Santa Barbara, but I rarely see him) said that he might be in the area, and could he bring HIS two nephews along.  I said, if you come early, I might be able to get you in free (knowing that the timing rarely works out), but yeah, the more’s the merrier.

At just a little before 9, Margo met us at the front gate, and Daniel was there with his two young nephews, and Margo was able to get in 3 people for free (basically, she gets in and can bring 3 guests), so we paid for the youngest kid.  The park also gave me a button that said “Happy Birthday, Emmett,” and every ride employee wished me a happy birthday all day!

It was a blast riding the rides with the kids, because even though they had been there before, it is still a fantastic adventure!  And then, after they left, Marisa and I stayed and rode rides until the park closed.  The best part was deciding that we would opt for Single Rider on the Indiana Jones ride, where they expedite you to the front to fill partially filled cars.  When we got to the front, they had two spaces… and we rode together!

The next day, I got to visit with my Uncle Rolfe and his wife Norma in Northridge (a good excuse to visit them when Marisa is visiting)… and capped off by the Boeing 5K.

I felt decent during the run (albeit a year older) and did a negative split from my first to second miles, and then blew up on the third (7:30, 7:00, 7:44 (1.1)).


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