LASAA East LA 5K Mug Run – 2008

December 13, 2008

Normally, I like to have a full week off after an ultra… especially after a 50-miler (exception being that double last year).  My friend Warren was talking about doing the LA Sheriff’s East L.A. 5K, and I thought that I might go and walk it, but then decided that I couldn’t abide by him beating me in a race, so I ran it after all.

They are now regularly doing 5Ks along with the 10Ks, so it isn’t really possible for me to win the 5Ks like I did at the Men’s Central Jail last year, and certainly not 1 week after running a 50 mile trail race.  All I really wanted to do was beat Warren to the finish line.

I had to walk some of the minor hills, but I kept looking back to make sure that I stayed ahead of Warren and I finished in 23:13 (and he finished in 23:39).  We took 2nd and 3rd, respectively, in the M35-39 age group.


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