LASAA Men’s Central Jail 5K Mug Run – 2009

January 10, 2009

Ed Villalobos, Kurt, Warren and I decided to go out and do the LA Sheriff’s Men’s Central Jail 5K.  Actually, Ed did the 10K, and the rest of us did the 5K… it’s usually the other way ’round.

I am the defending champion, but I am just trying to stay ahead of my friends, though I did manage to come in third overall and first in my division (beat you again, Warren) in 23:18.

On the drive home, I realized too late that I was in the wrong lane to go the way on the freeway that I needed to go.  The car in front of me had the same thought, but instead of just getting on the freeway and then figuring it out at the next exit, she decided that she would back up and move to another lane… without checking that there was a car behind her.  The spare tire on the back of her Jeep smashed into the hood of my car.

I don’t think that I’d ever had someone get into a fender bender with me (other than going to the hospital and not having a chance to deal with it), and I wasn’t sure what information to get.  Fortunately, I had an attorney in the back seat and he helped me get SOME of the information (because I copied down her husband’s information).  I felt bad because I know that it increases your premium cost, but I didn’t want to have to pay for repairs to the car… but at least we were able to drive it back home – it was really only cosmetic damage.


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