La Palma 4th of July 10K – 2009

July 4, 2009

Almost a month between races.  There were a lot of running log entries that say, “I didn’t feel like it,” but I intended to run a whole lot more.  I guess that’s saying something that with previous 50 milers, I had taken 2 or more weeks off, and now I am getting down on myself for wanting to rest more after 1 week off…

I always like to do a 4th of July run, and have done the La Palma one the last few years (though it is starting to get to the point of many other small town 4th runs… where there are too many people and too many walkers blocking much of the street… and not as much fun).  A bunch of my friends are there for this fairly hot run.

I finished in 48:30, which is a time between “I am BACK” and “Will I ever be able to run 7 minute miles in a race again?”


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