David Hancock Triathlon – 2009

August 2, 2009

As I mentioned with the Kayak Run Relay, for David Hancock Triathlon, I have not been on a bicycle or in the pool (well, I mean, I’ve swum a little bit, but not for exercise) for nearly a year… probably not since last year.

For the swim, I do what I’ve always done, which is swim breast stroke (with my glasses on) and alternate between swimming with my head out of the water and mostly underwater (because real breaststroking should have your head completely under the water).  This is similar to my kayaking technique, which is paddling hard and then gliding.  Swimming (mostly) underwater propels me faster, but is more exhausting than just planing above the water.  I have pretty good endurance in swimming; I’m just not fast.  The swim takes me 30 minutes and I am definitely the last person out of the water.

On the bike ride, it is mostly about just getting through it, because cycling long distances is no fun for me.  I did get my friend Jimmy Lewis to help me replace my old knobby hybrid tires with “racing” tires, and this helped me a little bit… but I still have a seat extender, but no handlebar extender, so I am still stooped over in an uncomfortable pose.  The 28 miles take me about 2 hours and 15 minutes (about the same pace that I can run a lap around the track).

When I get off the bike, there are still a dozen people on the run, and not all are out of reach.  At mile 4, I catch one competitor, who is running with his young daughters (I don’t care; I’ll take it) and I pass a few others who are not that great at running.  I finish the (fairly hilly) run course (6.5M) in 59 minutes and finish overall in 3:45.

Hard to believe that I have completed over 50 multi-sport events in my “racing career.”


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