Sunset in the Park 3M – 2009

August 13, 2009

Last year, my friend Oscar Rosales and his Finishline racing company retired from doing races in Huntington Beach Central Park.

For the most part, his races were attended sparsely by teenagers, with the exception of the Sunset in the Park 2.8M (and 4.8M) race.  Prior to the regular 2.8- and 4.8-mile races, high school boys and girls would have their own separate race.  It was an unofficial kick-off to the high school cross-country season.  Local high schools would field teams (with non affiliated names (and often fake competitor names, too)) and have a fun time and scout their competition.

EPI Sports decided to take over the Sunset in the Park race, and mostly gear it towards high schoolers, but also have an adult race as well (locals, parents and coaches mostly).  I miss being able to run this event, and so it was fun to go back and run it again, albeit a slightly different course.

Most of the competitors (even in my, non-high school race) were pretty dang fast… though in looking through the results, I determined that I was the 5th fastest M35-39 competitor (perhaps out of 5) in the race.  So small race, but rabid competition.


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