ThomBob Kayak 1M / Run 5K Relay – 2009

July 11, 2009

Todd Rose and I are teammates once again at the ThomBob Kayak Run Relay.

This “duathlon” is one of my favorites, yet I treat it in the same way I treat triathlons (or duathlons) – I don’t work out at all on the non-running discipline.  This means that I basically have not paddled an ocean kayak since last year (and I also don’t really do upper body workout, either).

The past few years the kayak portion has been between a kilometer and a mile, but this year, it was certainly a mile and no shorter.  I still get a lot of jazz from the other competitors about my paddling technique, but the reality is that I don’t really fit in the boat, and I cannot get any leverage… and I don’t have great endurance in paddling.  The effort it takes to paddle continuously is much more strenuous than shuffling forward on foot.

As for the run, I get my usual 22-odd minutes while Todd runs to recover from the kayaking, and I manage around 24 minutes, which is respectable having kayaked or not.


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