LASAA Compton 10K Mug Run – 2009

November 7, 2009

Decided to try this inaugural LA Sheriff’s Mug Run, from the Blue Line Station parking lot in Compton.  Compton’s not such a bad place, if you run in the right areas.

The run goes around the attached shopping area (around the block, if you will) and then exits (UP) out of the parking lot.


From the parking lot exit, you basically run along the freeway frontage road next to several industrial business centers.  The street is pockmarked and uneven (not pot-holey, but awkward).

We basically head out for nearly 3 miles and then run back (at least there is a downhill drop back into the parking lot).

More excitement through Compton

More excitement through Compton

I didn’t feel particularly well, but my time of 46:58 is 3-1/2 minutes better than my LA Cancer Challenge time.  I end up getting 6th in my division, and I think I was probably 5 minutes behind placing and 3-4 minutes ahead of 7th place.  This sort of craziness (HUGE gaps between age group finishers) happens in older age groups and smaller races.

Kurt, Ed, Kathy Massanet, and the Millers (all of my AREC friends at the race) do all get a medal, though.  An interesting U-turn from the usual result.


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