Magic Mountain 5K – 2009

October 4, 2009

Still one of my favorite races, because of the cost, free parking, free admission and (so-so) T-shirt.  Don’t know why I cannot get a group of my friends or relatives to go.  I usually just rely on running into people I know there.

The course is changed slightly this year – mostly it is a cosmetic change… probably some construction going on in the parking lot.  We still climb the “Mountain” and run behind the Colossus roller coaster.

I am happy to run under 24 minutes on this course, because the hill (and the rocky parking lot) usually does me in.

After the race, we head over to the Picnic Grounds to see if any of us got an award.  Evelyn Zohlen (a gal from AREC) and I find we both came in 3rd in our divisions.  (With a time of 23:34, it’s surprising that I finished in the top ten.)  As they call the names to present the awards, I am kind of wondering who this short-ish black chick is that is making me bend in half so that she can give me my medal… and remembering after I walked away that it was Olympian Allyson Felix!

I rode a number of the rides with AREC friends Roland, Siyeen and R.J., including X (the one where you feel like you are flying).  I really like roller coasters, but it seems like they make you take your glasses off on so many rides, that I am nauseous from not being able to see.

Afterwards, I drive down to Northridge and have a nice visit with Uncle Rolfe (my dad’s brother) and Norma.


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