East LA LASAA 10K Mug Run – 2010

January 30, 2010

Kurt and I decided to go out and do the East Los Angeles LA Sheriff’s 10K, a race I have done several times before.

It starts (and finishes) at the Citadel Factory Stores (which has a large parking lot).  For the first time in many LASAA runs, there were LOADS of people, all trying to register race morning.  Since the runs are all hand-timed and the registration is all hand-recorded, registering 100 people was slow going and prevented the race from starting on time by nearly an hour.

The course is all concrete roads around the area – boring.  My knees hurt quite a bit and my right knee is especially feeling tweaky.

In a normal LASAA race, if I were to run sub-8:00 miles, then I would be about 25th overall and top 10 in my age division.  However, today, with a time of 47:44, I finish in 95th place and 17th in my division.  Crazy.


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