Love Your Heart Marathon – 2010

February 15, 2010

Picked a Charlie Alewine loop course marathon for my February marathon (or longer) distance race.  I picked this event both for its availability and locale… and I guess it also didn’t hurt that most of its participants were running a marathon a day for three consecutive days.

The course was 4 – 6 mile loops around Huntington Beach’s Central Park and surrounding community.  The weather was relatively cool in the morning, but got warmer fairly fast.

On the first loop, I was a minute or two ahead of second place… that’s right, I was leading the charge.  There were maybe 10 competitors, and three of us hadn’t run a marathon on Saturday and Sunday.  The second place runner, some gal, was one of the “fresh” ones.  The other “fresh” runner was the sister of one of the runners, put into the race with the intention of replacing said runner in the “DFL” (Dead… Last) position.  That runner, one Yolanda Holder, had run probably 12 marathon races already in 2010.  Unfortunately, her sister beat her by two minutes.

On my second loop, I built a lead of about 5 minutes on second place and was able to build on that lead with the third and fourth laps, despite the fact that I walked a bit on each of those two laps.  I finished in 4:17, 8 minutes ahead of second place.

After the race, I talked briefly with a gal that was doing her first (or one of her first) marathon, Jessica Montoya.  She said that she was interested in running ultras in the future.  I figured I would see her at another one of Charlie’s races, as you tend to see the same (maniacal) people at many of his races.


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