A Snail’s Pace 10M Prediction Run – 2010

June 27, 2010

This is the run where you predict what kind of time you are going to run… without wearing your watch.  Occasionally, the Boeing 5Ks have prediction runs, but they let you wear your watch.  If you are reasonably close to your time, you can adjust your pace accordingly to hit that time.

However, here you need to both know the kind of time you can run, and gauge exactly how you are feeling on any given day.  I have run 10 miles in about 70 minutes in a race, and also UNDER 70 minutes in my 2nd best half marathon.  Today, I am not feeling like even 80 minutes.

Nonetheless, I started out running with a guy who is getting faster to push my pace more towards what I thought I was going to run.  Unfortunately, I went well beyond the pace that I thought I was going to run and was over 3 minutes off my prediction.  While that seems not that bad, it was the 8th best prediction of about 20 participants.


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