Conquer the Bridge 5.3M – 2010

September 6, 2010

For Labor Day, I am running the Conquer the Bridge 5.3M.  Previously, the course was 5 miles and everyone with a Garmin got a larger reading (not just 5.05, but 5.5), so it is this unusual distance.  I don’t understand why they just don’t move the start up 0.15 miles.

On the way out, I ran all the way up the hill to the top of the bridge, but I know that on the way back, it will be a different story… so I decided that I would “pace” walk to the top.  (Pace walking is like race walking, only not formalized and precise (my own definition).)

I also decided that I would do a count of how many people passed me on the way up and then I would try and equal or overtake that same total on the way back down.  On the way up, 85 people passed me, including a few AREC members who were surprised that I was walking.

On the way back and to the finish, I was only able to pass 82 people, but a couple AREC gals that I passed said, “Oh… My… God… you soared past me so fast… How did you do that?” I was rested.  I finished in 43:16, which was a bit over 8:00/mile, but considering that it is two BIG hills, I am more than satisfied with that time.


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