Sunrise in the Park 3.0M – 2010

August 21, 2010

Another iteration of the Sunset in the Park course.  It’s definitely tailored to high school students as a sort of pre-season Nike training challenge.

The temperature is on the high side today and I struggled a little bit.  Kathy Massanet and Kurt Hesse joined me in this event (even though they don’t really give out any age group prizes).  This is also Kurt’s first race in my age group and his NEW age group… so of course, they misspell his name as “KURK.”

KURK is running well today and I do what I can to stay ahead of him (though I’m certain that if we had been in high school together, he would have kicked my butt).  I struggle on the hills (as usual) and finish in 23:50 (phew… under 8:00/mile pace).  Kurt finishes a couple minutes back and based on our competitive group, we were 8th and 9th fastest.


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