LASAA Compton 10K Mug Run – 2010

September 25, 2010

Ed Villalobos and I carpooled out to do the LA Sheriff’s Mug Run in Compton.  We also did this race last year, because there are not a lot of opportunities to run in Compton (and zero night runs, wonder why?).  I used to do the Compton Community College 5K and 10K with Finishline and we really ran through residential Compton.  So exciting!

This course is mostly the industrial area, basically paralleling the freeway for most of the distance.  For me, the most unusual aspect of this year’s race is that Ed is doing the 10K.  Usually, when there is an option between a 5K and 10K, he will take the 5K every time (with the exception of the West Hollywood run, because you get to run on Sunset Boulevard (and Ed finishes near the end with cute slower ladies)).  I’m not sure what prompted him to do the 10K, except that maybe the weather was more moderate and he wanted to give it a shot.

I feel pretty good today, though for the past few days I have had some stomach discomfort.  Maybe I ran faster in an effort to avoid some kind of blowout. 😉

I finished in 48:23, just under 8:00/mile pace and that earned me a 2nd place medal in my division.  Ed was probably in last place but WON his division.

Afterwards, we had breakfast at Johnny Reb’s on LB Boulevard (between Carson and Del Amo).  This is a place that I have spotted running by on 20 occasions (at least) and wondered about it.  Finally, I am inside.  The food is pretty good.


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