Carrollton Runners 5K Prediction Run – 2010

December 26, 2010

Boxing Day and yet another race.  I am back in Carrollton for another one of their races… though this time, it is a ‘Can’t-Wear-Your-Watch’ 5K Prediction Run.  Given that I have run a 5K here last weekend (and a race yesterday), I decide to predict a little slower than I had run previously.  I KNOW my body.

The one strange thing about prediction runs is that your mind will play tricks on you.  You can say that you will run a certain time, but then you start to think… maybe I went out too fast… or maybe I am WAY off my time… and you can’t look at your watch and check.

I try to just pace myself the same way I paced myself when I ran 24:17 and hope that 24:31 reflects my tired state.  The temperature is mildly less cold so I am not sure if that will put me out faster.  When I get to the halfway point, I feel like I am a little fast, so I slow down a bit for the second half.

When I come in, my time is 24:32 (dang, should not have slowed down so much), and my splits were 12:05 out and 12:40 back.  I finished 3rd overall (!) and 4th best predictor.  The top 2 win prizes and there is a Jackpot if you can predict to the nearest hundredth of a second (that’s why the carryover is close to $300).  I finish out of the running.

In the afternoon, after the race, I work on two end-of-the-year goals:

1.  To finish with 1500 net miles for the year
2.  To do some “concentration” training towards my 2011 goal of completing a 100-mile race

For #2, the best way to effect this, is to do miles at a slow-ish pace (like 15 minutes/mile) while reading.  If I can read and stay on course, then I will do better late at night when I am on a trail and not tripping over roots.

I head over to the Cooper Clinic outdoor mile course (which wends its way through the grounds of the property – in other words, not a track, but a course with a lot of turns).  I end up walking 11.75 miles at 15 minute pace, and finish 300 pages of my book.   Rocky Raccoon 100M is in just a few weeks and this is essential to me being able to complete the race.

Now for goal #1, I need 13.9 more miles to get to 1500.


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