PC Trails Malibu 25K – 2011

March 6, 2011

I have had some difficulty in getting my fitness back to normal, as well as my sleep schedule.  I didn’t help that I pulled an all-nighter at the Rocky Road 100M a few weeks ago.  That race had also been my back-up plan if I didn’t finish Rocky Raccoon.

Still, it was worth it in assisting runners when they need it the most (late at night).

Tomorrow is my 40th birthday, so Jack Novak, Chris Rosario, and Laura helped convince me to run the PC Trails 25K as my last hurrah in my 30s.

This is basically the first half of the Bulldog Trail run (which I have done 3 times) only in reverse.  They have a 50K also, but I do have Way Too Cool 50K in a week.  What I do like about this race is that you can opt out of the shirt to save money… that’s worth it to me, since I don’t really need another shirt (I mean, 500-plus posts essentially equals 500 affiliated shirts – I opt out a lot!).

Possibly the most exciting part of this event was the stream crossing.  It was positively torrential in the morning and they had strung this tiny, thin (but curiously strong) piece of twine across the water to assist people… and people are using it to stay upright.  Everyone and their mother has an I-phone with them, so there is also the crowd at water’s edge trying to secure said phone in some kind of waterproofing (sandwich bag).

The worst problem for me on the course is that the course is essentially a 6-mile uphill climb, a 5-mile descent, and then a bunch of flat rolling hills.  I can’t really run any of the uphill and don’t have much energy left on the downhill.  Jolly good show.

I finished in 3:27, which is slower than I did the Bulldog 30K here in 2001, but a PR, given that I have never done the 25K distance before. My prediction for Cool is that I will come in 21st place in my age group, because I am 20th today (and was 19th at the Sheriff’s Run).


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